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Posted on November 18, 2009 at 7:41 PM

Hair Color Designed Just For Men


The image of youth and vitality are becoming essential for climbing the corporate ladder in today’s competitive business world. Studies have shown that men with gray hair command lower salaries compared to their non-gray counterparts and are considered less effective.

As a result, many men are looking into hair color as a way of camouflaging gray or dull hair. Hair color, properly applied, can brighten natural hair color, conceal a percentage of the gray or remove all traces of graying hair.


In the past, men have run into several problems when attempting hair coloring services.

1.Improper application, usually “home hair color” can result in a shade that is the wrong color, too dark or too solid to appear natural.


2.Salon tinting can require 20 to 45 minutes of processing time. Many men are uncomfortable sitting in the salon for that amount of time with the color preparation on their hair.


3.Even when properly applied, hair color can turn unnaturally red or gold from exposure to the sun or over time as it fades. This makes the added hair color painfully obvious and is unacceptable to most men.


 MiN Hair Color  is designed specifically for men and while available only through hair care professionals, it seems to solve many of the previous problems.


1.There are ten shades that can be mixed by the hairdresser to achieve the perfect color match.

2.MiN (short for minutes) processes in only 3-5 minutes, depending on the level of coverage being sought. This time can be spent relaxing inconspicuously at the shampoo bowl. No sitting under the hairdryer or wearing a processing cap.

3.MiN is designed to resist fading to gold or red and to stay true to tone.


I think this product deserves a thumbs up.

Min Hair Color appears that it may be the perfect solution to keeping a youthful and competitive image in the work place while eliminating the previous problems.




COLOR by MiN New York, Pepper

Quick. Easy. Natural. The MiN New York Touch Up Color Kit.

MiN New York was founded on Color for salon professionals, now you can enjoy excellent results in just 5 MiNutes

Recognized by Men's Health Magazine in "100 Rules of Looking Great!"

Kit includes:

• Catalyst (activator)

• Color

• Blocker (selective color blocking agent)

• Applicator brush and gloves

• 2oz Travel WASH Shampoo • Detailed Instructions


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